Expedition Cruise Network Release Three Episodes of Interview Series

The Expedition Cruise Network (ECN) has released the first three episodes of the inaugural interview series

The Expedition Cruise Network (ECN) has released the first three episodes of the inaugural interview series of ‘Expedition Cruise Leaders’. 

Akvile Marozaite, CEO of the Expedition Cruise Network (ECN) has interviewed intrepid and fascinating characters in a new series and brings to light exclusive insights from the most influential figures in the world of expedition cruising.

The series is perfect for travel trade professionals looking to expand their expedition cruise knowledge, or anyone simply interested in learning more about the industry from individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping it.

The first three episodes in the series are:

Captain Dan Blanchard, CEO of UnCruise Adventures: Exploring off-the-chart places

Akvile Marozaite, CEO of ECN and interviewer unleashes some tall tales from this industry leader and winner of the 2012 winner of Seattle’s annual “Stories of the Sea” contest. Captain Dan Blanchard was born into a world of boats and built his career exploring off-the-chart places and even been adopted into a native Tlingit tribe. He says he is living the dream and in this interview Captain Dan discusses the appeal of small group adventures to Alaska, Hawaii, Baja California and beyond and why expedition cruising is such an addictive form of travel. Expect personal stories including hitchhiking owls, why Hawaii is such a special place for his family, and donkey rides along the Baja Peninsula.

Robin West, Seabourn Expeditions: Innovative Ship Design for Unique Experiences

Robin West is Vice President of Expedition Operations and Planning at Seabourn, developing and managing itineraries. Robin started his career as a dive master and entrepreneur. In this interview he provides insights on how Seabourn has become innovative in designing ships to ensure guests enjoy the remarkable experiences on offer from diving, the use of submersibles and kayaking. 

Lucy Bruzzone: Life and Work in the World’s Most Southerly Post Office

Lucy Bruzzone is a Programme Director at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) building business strategies to align profit with positive outcomes for the environment and society. She spent five months in Antarctica working at the historic Port Lockroy station without WiFi or running water. The interview gives first-person insight into life in Antarctica, with discussions including sharing a football-pitch sized island with a colony of Gentoo penguins, meeting expedition cruise ship passengers, and what we can do as individuals and organisations to mitigate the negative impacts of human activity on wildlife and our environment. 

She made it clear to Avile that: “We must all take action now to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It was a privilege to visit Antarctica and spend such an extended period really getting to experience the place. Working in sustainability and talking to the guides who have seen change over the years and experiencing a season of extreme weather myself drove home the importance of taking action now.

In making a defence for tourism in Antarctica she said: “There is an opportunity for tourism to Antarctica to provide an educational vehicle, to help open up our minds and really understand more about this vulnerable place, ecosystem and the historic and current context for Antarctic science.” 

Webinar Series

The Expedition Cruise Network also run regular webinars for travel agents looking to expand their knowledge on selling expedition cruise. The next upcoming webinar is ‘Selling Galapagos: small yacht and expedition cruising’ on November 22. Register here to learn more about the different ways to explore the Galapagos archipelago.