Former Prime Minister of Norway Names New Havila Ship

On Monday, the coastal cruise ship Havila Pollux was named at Bryggen in Bergen by godmother Erna Solberg, former Prime Minister of Norway

On Monday, the coastal cruise ship Havila Pollux was named at Bryggen in Bergen by godmother Erna Solberg, former Prime Minister of Norway. “A very beautiful ship,” says Solberg after the naming ceremony.

In the middle of Bergen city centre, at Bryggen, the coastal cruise ship Havila Pollux was moored on Monday when the official naming ceremony took place. The ship’s godmother was former Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

“It’s very nice to be asked, nice to do this, and especially, this is a very beautiful ship,” Solberg said in an interview on the day of the naming ceremony.

“I think it’s exciting to see a ship with large battery packs, and that there is a focus on being environmentally friendly.”

Solberg believes the coastal route is important for Norway as a maritime nation to reach its emission goals.

“We are to cut 50% of emissions from domestic shipping traffic by 2030. We must do more than just have our ferries emit less. That is why we set requirements when we put out tenders related to the operation of the coastal route when we were in government. And what I hear now is that these ships meet those requirements, and that they can achieve significantly more if we are good enough to create incentives for it,” Solberg said.

“And that’s important because we need to bring forth new technology for the entire shipping industry.”

For the shipping company, Monday’s naming ceremony was a big day.

“A ship naming ceremony is a festive day for a shipping company. It’s a day to thank everyone who has contributed to realizing the ship, and to thank all our employees who have been involved from the construction process to a coastal cruise ship in operation along the Norwegian coast,” says CEO Bent Martini.

“To be able to name Havila Pollux in the surroundings we did today, in the middle of Bergen bathed in spring sunshine, added an extra touch to the whole event.”

Martini had Solberg at the table during the naming ceremony lunch on board, where the guests got a taste of Havila Voyages’ food concept.

“We are proud to have a former prime minister as the godmother of Havila Pollux, also because it was during Erna Solberg’s tenure that the requirements in the current contract period with the government were set.”

“It’s nice to hear that she shares many of our thoughts on what it takes for us to succeed in the effort for a greener shipping industry, and if we are to achieve the nation’s ambitious goals for emission reductions. We completely agree that there need to be good enough incentives, and we believe that our ships are proof that it’s possible with the right will and ability to invest,” Martini concludes.