Stamps Away: Spanish Airports Grant British Holidaymakers Access To Border eGates

The news of this change, which applies to selected Spanish airports, comes just ahead of 2022’s busy summer season

In a bid to reduce queues at Spanish Border Control,  selected Spanish airports have authorised British holidaymakers to use the Automated Border Control eGates.

This change is applicable at a range of Spanish Airports, including :

  • Alicante,
  • Barcelona,
  • Bilbao,
  • Girona,
  • Gran Canaria,
  • Ibiza,
  • Lanzarote,
  • Madrid,
  • Malaga,
  • Mallorca,
  • Menorca,
  • Valencia,
  • Fuertenventura,
  • Sevilla
  • Tenerife Sur.

Following Brexit, travellers arriving with a British passport were required to use the manual non-EU lanes to arrive and depart from Spain.

The news of this change, which comes just ahead of 2022’s busy summer season, has been welcomed.

However, the Foreign Office have issued a statement, warning British holidaymakers to ensure that “On arrival or departure, check you are eligible to use the e-gates and that you are in the right queue.”

With further warning to ensure that their passport has been been through Border Control, as “if there is no record of entry a person could be accused of overstaying and face possible penalties.”