Dunadry Hotel to Welcome New Next-Gen Power to its Doors

The award-winning Dunadry Hotel in County Antrim has taken a major step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility through a collaboration with local solar energy specialist

The award-winning Dunadry Hotel in County Antrim has taken a major step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility through a collaboration with local solar energy specialist Next-Gen Power.

Nestled on the banks of the flowing Six Mile River, the Dunadry has partnered with Belfast-based Next-Gen Power to install state-of-the-art solar panels and make a significant stride towards embracing renewable energy.

Through the installation of a 50kW Solar PV system, which includes 125 solar panels, discretely positioned out of sight on the roof of the hotel, the investment in this Solar PV project will equate to an annual saving of an estimated £15,000 per year.

The hotel, which part of the McKeever Hotel Group, also expects to reduce its all-important carbon footprint by 22 Tonnes per year.

Eddie McKeever, Group Operations Director at the McKeever Hotel Group, said:

“As a hotel that values both luxurious experiences and responsible practices, we are thrilled to partner with Next-Gen Power to bring solar energy to the heart of our operations. This endeavour not only aligns with our commitment to provide exceptional guest experiences but also underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship.

“With 72 bedrooms, our AA Rosette Mill Race Restaurant, indoor heated pool and thermal areas, and a modern Health & Fitness Club with fully equipped gym, we consume a huge amount of electricity so it was imperative, with current energy prices, that we reduce our electricity costs and our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

“Working with Graham and the team at Next-Gen has really made the transformation easy for us,” he added.

“Within four months, the entire project was completed and we are already seeing the benefits.”

Headquartered in Belfast with an office in Drogheda, Next-Gen Power (NGP) provides green energy solutions, powered by the sun, to businesses and households across the island of Ireland.

The company is carving a niche for itself in the hospitality sector, and is now an Accredited Supplier of Hospitality Ulster, the non-profit organisation which represents and supports hospitality businesses across Northern Ireland.

“The Hospitality sector in Ireland has been hit extremely hard by the cost-of-living crisis, as rising energy costs have caused us all to rethink how we heat and power our businesses and homes,” said Next-Gen Power COO Graham Bailie.

“We are proud to be an Accredited Supplier of Hospitality Ulster and our goal is to support its members on their decarbonation journey by providing them with solutions they can use to take control of their own electricity generation, reduce their monthly outgoings and create a sustainable future for their businesses.

“We are currently working on projects with another 10 local hotels, each requiring bespoke solutions based on their electricity usage and their future plans to become more sustainable,” he added.

“Our aim is to provide every hotel with savings of 60 to 70% on their annual electricity costs, which should enable them to pay off their initial investment in less than four years, then ‘make money’ for the remainder of the lifespan of their solar system. Given the fact that our solar panels come with a product performance warranty of 25 years, this offers massive long-term savings and allows hotels to plan and build for a sustainable future.”

Hospitality Ulster CEO Colin Neil MBE is also looking forward to a greener future.

“We are delighted to have Next-Gen Power as our Accredited Partner in our journey towards a greener future for our members,” said Colin.

“The problems that the hospitality sector has faced in recent years are well documented so we welcome this opportunity to provide members with a clean energy source that will contribute much-needed cost savings without having to compromise on quality or luxury.

“It’s great to see one of our members, The Dunadry Hotel, setting an inspiring example for the hospitality industry, showing that environmental consciousness can coexist harmoniously with exceptional guest experiences,” he added.

Next-Gen Power is an approved installer for the recently released 20% Grant for Solar PV installation through the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme. This is a support measure to help businesses in Northern Ireland reduce the capital needed in order to create a sustainable future for their businesses.

Founded in 2013, NGP’s green energy solutions include the use of Solar Panels (PV) and/or Battery Storage to give customers a natural, efficient and cost-saving alternative to electricity from the grid.

Using the latest online technology, NGP can remotely conduct an energy survey and offer Solar PV and Battery Storage solutions to reduce electrical demand, improve energy efficiency and provide huge savings.

Last year was NGP’s best to date with installations of its solar panel and battery storage solutions increasing by a staggering 100 per cent. The company is already well on course for another record year in 2023.

For more information and advice on Next-Gen Power’s green energy solutions, call +44 (0) 28 9145 5666, email hello@nextgenpower.ie or visit www.nextgenpower.ie.