The Most Annoying Habits of Aircraft Passengers

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As airlines see an increase in passenger numbers, it’s clear not everyone will get along in the close confines of an aircraft cabin.

With that, has revealed six of the most annoying habits experienced by plane passengers.

Rapid Reclining

There’s nothing worse than tucking in to a good in-flight meal only to have the person in front recline their seat so hard and fast they disturb the passenger behind’s tray table. It’s an airline seat, not a sun lounger, so be courteous of others before taking that mid-flight nap.

Seat Shoving

In a role reversal to rapid recliners, passengers who insist on fidgeting their feet on the back of seats or constantly manoeuvring the tray table makes the passenger in front feel like their spine is taking the brunt of a Kung Fu tournament.

Feet Naturists

Passengers who insist on not only removing all footwear, but sticking their feet into the aisle and other communal areas, regularly sending anyone within their vicinity into a state of unrest.

Hygiene Has-Beens

An aeroplane cabin is a relatively small enclosed space, so having to share this with individuals who have decided they will take a shower at the other end of their trip can make for an unpleasant experience. Make full use of airport facilities beforehand, and opt to keep travel-sized deodorant in any cabin baggage.

Overhead Locker Wars

As more and more passengers opt to travel with hand luggage, the fight for space in overhead lockers begins at the point of boarding. Fellow passengers man-handling our cases causes our stress levels to soar.

Round of Applause

It’s an innocent habit, but an exasperating one. Applauding a professional for doing their job. Why not go all in? Applaud everyone in a working role that does a good job.