Explore Europe’s Most Instagram-Worthy Cities for Your Perfect Getaway

A new study has revealed the most Instagrammable European destinations for a city break, with London taking the top spot

A new study has revealed the most Instagrammable European destinations for a city break, with London taking the top spot.

Experts at NZCasinoClub analysed numerous city break-related hashtags for European capitals, including #[city], #[city]travel, and #[city]tourism. The number of hashtags were combined to create an overall total per city and to discover the most Instagrammable European destinations.

 #1 – London

London takes the top spot, with 163,530,000 Instagram hashtags. The English capital is one of the most visited cities in the world for many reasons; with over 2,000 years of history, famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben are just a few of many places that are rich in British culture. However, monuments are just the start. Whether you want to grab the classic fish and chips by the River Thames or see a Shakespeare play at the National Theatre, London has so many exciting activities to partake in.

#2 – Paris

Paris is second, with 141,283,300 Instagram hashtags in total. From the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre Museum, Paris is at the centre of historical attractions, specifically the Eiffel Tower, which creates a spectacle across the city when it lights up at night. Paris has been the centre of couture fashion for centuries, and many of the world’s biggest designers, like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, started their journey to fame in the French capital.

#3 – Ankara

The third most Instagrammable European city is Ankara, with a total of 56,000,600 hashtags. The Turkish capital is perfect for those seeking a historic experience – there is a vast selection of parks, mosques, museums, and performing arts venues dotted around the city. If you are a music enthusiast, this city hosts the International Ankara Music Festival every year with live performances every day of the month, creating a vibrant atmosphere on the streets.

#4 – Berlin

Berlin comes in fourth place, with 53,776,700 Instagram hashtags. It is a standout city for street art, where districts in the German capital are overflowing with visual masterpieces that are a beautiful background for a photo opportunity. Kripo’s Yellow Fist is one of the most famous and is displayed outside Friedrichshain station; It has great educational offerings after being involved in what can be seen as three of the largest conflicts of the 20th century.

#5 – Madrid

Madrid is in fifth place, with a total of 49,639,000 Instagram hashtags.  Madrid is perfect for shoppers who are eager to get their hands on some high-end garments; the city is bursting with designer clothing stores, but also has many traditional markets for souvenir or craft shopping. Madrid also boasts stunning architecture, including the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral, which are both perfect for absorbing Spanish history.


#6 – Amsterdam

Amsterdam comes in sixth place, with a total of 36,359,100 Instagram hashtags. This charming city is known for its stunning canals and unique history; from art explorations in the Van Gogh Museum to insights into the Second World War at the Anne Frank Museum, many different historical buildings exist. The capital is also excellent for thriving nightlife with many places to drink, including the Amsterdam Ice Bar and other traditional Dutch pubs dotted around the city centre.


#7 – Baku

In seventh place is Baku, with a total of 34,930,200 Instagram hashtags. The Azerbaijan capital is full of spectacular architecture, which is presented in a mosaic-like fashion. Baku is home to iconic landmarks such as the Heydar Aliyev Centre, the Mysterious Maiden Tower, and the Flame Towers, which are all in different shapes that are visible throughout the city. A casual stroll in the Old City will help you to discover hidden alcoves with plenty of local restaurants to dine in right next to the Caspian Sea.


#8 – Rome

The eighth most Instagrammable European city is Rome, with a total of 30,237,600 hashtags. There is no better place to explore Roman culture than in the Italian capital, which can be viewed in its many historical landmarks, such as the famous Coliseum, the Trevi fountain, and the Pantheon. If you want to experience the dolce vita’ lifestyle, Rome is the perfect place to indulge in classic Italian food and beverages.


#9 – Prague

Prague comes in ninth, with a total of 18,871,400 Instagram hashtags. The capital of the Czech Republic has increasingly become a popular European destination due to its captivating architecture, vibrant culture, and musical core. Prague has nurtured some of the greatest composers in music, such as Mozart and Dvořák, whilst also hosting numerous musical festivals a year.


#10 – Vienna

Vienna claims tenth place with a total of 16,456,700 Instagram hashtags. Vienna holds countless festivals throughout the year covering everything from pop, classical, jazz, and even opera. The city also provides a delicious selection of traditional food and drink, including strudel, schnitzel, and plenty of wine.


A spokesperson from NZCasinoClub has commented on the findings: “Knowing which city to choose for your next trip can be difficult, especially if you desire an aesthetically pleasing destination for your social media posts. All capitals offer something different, whether it be from a historical monument to stores filled with designer clothing. These findings are a great way to indicate which destinations are the most suitable to your taste.”