Travel Marketing Report Identifies Key Trends

Travellers are demanding more transparency from travel brands, according to a new report

The new report, by travel marketing agency Accord Marketing, says that the trend is particularly relevant for the growing number of responsible travellers who are keen to book with companies that have ethical credentials

“The result of this is not only a more responsible trip when it comes to travellers’ impacts but also a more authentic, exciting and culturally immersive one for them too,” concludes the report, which also identified other key travel trends.

According to the report: “Ecotourism is now driving decisions in a big way with an ever-increasing demand for responsibility and transparency. With risks of ‘greenwashing’ affecting consumer trust, the travel industry needs to show that efforts being made are not simply focused on minimising the bad but, just as importantly, maximising the good. And this starts with offering travellers transparent and candid information on how your brand is contributing to both the local and global community, as well as influencing (or at least keeping up-to-date with) innovations in sustainable practices.

“Solo travel continues to gain interest, thus shaking off the age-old stigma that lone travelling is for the lonely. If there’s one issue that continues to exasperate solo travellers, it is the injustice of having to pay a single supplement for a holiday, especially when occupying a tiny single room or a single berth on a cruise ship. Even when the supplement can be justified – for sole occupancy of a double room – single travellers regularly report they are given inferior rooms compared with those allocated to two people sharing. But the voices of solo travellers are starting to be heard at last – with brands recognising the demand and seeing this opportunity with a new, positive perspective and some fresh confidence.

“Multi-generational holidays are also on the rise, offering a perfect solution of saving money, on hand babysitters and quality bonding that creates lasting memories. Chosen with care, these holidays can offer the right balance of activities, culture and relaxation to appeal to everyone. But by categorising groups using strict demographic labels and only engaging via traditional media outlets, brands could be missing out on a whole host of opportunities – highlighting the need to have a clear understanding of how their content is being consumed across multiple platforms and devices.

“It’s clear that travellers are becoming increasingly drawn to holidays where they can experience or learn something new. From tea plucking to pizza making, from workshops to one-on-one mentoring, holidays that allow someone to come back with a richer understanding of a destination’s culture, as well as a new skill, are growing in popularity.”