Travel Booking at Your Fingertips – Major Travel Breaks into NI Market at NITN Events on Tour Roadshows

With a portfolio of over 500,000 hotels, 200 long-haul and short-haul airlines, 5,000 attractions and excursions and over 1,000 multi-centre tours and a comprehensive booking app so agents can make a booking on the go, Major was widely welcomed by NI agents keen to have a flexible booking portal that doesn't tie them to a desk

Major Travel is a new to the NI market B2B tour operator providing both simple and complex itineraries for the trade

With a portfolio of over 500,000 hotels, 200 long-haul and short-haul airlines, 5,000 attractions and excursions and over 1,000 multi-centre tours and a comprehensive booking app so agents can make a booking on the go, Major was widely welcomed by NI agents keen to have a flexible booking portal that doesn’t tie them to a desk.

The company recently launched an industry leading mobile portal, Major Go, giving its agent partners the opportunity to make both simple and complex bookings on the go.

Craig Davidson, Managing Director at FlexiReps brought the brand to the attention of the NI market at the recent NITN Events on Tour Roadshows.

“Major Travel started off as a consolidator and flight specialist,” says Craig, “then they added in a huge portfolio of hotels with 500,000 hotels now available to book via the agent portal.

“As well as the flights and hotels, Major have lots of tours and add ons that can all be booked as one package for your client.

But what truly sets Major Travel a part is its on the go booking portal – Major Go. Available to download as an app on your phone, Major Go gives agents the freedom and flexibility to make a booking from anywhere.

“Agents are no longer tied to their desks,” says Craig. “Since Covid we have all begun to work more flexibly. That can mean meeting a client in a coffee shop or the comfort of their own home, and Major Go has developed the technology to allow agents to do that.

“There’s no restrictions, the technology really is something special. Major Go allows travel agents on the move to build their itineraries. They don’t need their PC, they don’t need to be sat at a desk. Everything is done through an app. Agents can get access to everything via the app. Look for flights – low cost, scheduled and charter flights; build multi-centre or triple-centre holidays; add on tours an attractions. The opportunities this technology provides are endless.”

The new app also enables agents to share Major Travel’s special offers on their social media channels direct from their phone. The posts will only feature the agent’s call to action and branding, ensuring enquiries are directed back to them.

“If agents have any enquiries about a booking and they want to speak directly to Major, then they just need to contact them via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger,” Craig continues. “Major have a call centre full of specialists. One of the key things Major have recognised is that agents are now wanting to interact more through social media and messaging apps. We are now speaking to agents 60% via social media. A lot of the itineraries and communication with agents is coming through WhatsApp or Facebook messenger or even just as a text message rather than a traditional phone call. We are only now getting 40% of enquiries through phone call the rest is through apps which is a fantastic convenience.”

At the beginning of the pandemic Major took over the Thomas Cook Signature call centre, bringing it under the Major name. Major retained a lot of the call centre staff so the staff at the end of the phone really know travel inside and out.

Craig says the shift in flexible working is a key aspect of Major’s business ethos. Major have designed their new app with multi-tasking in mind, making everything as convenient as possible. Agents have access to fares from low cost airlines, scheduled carriers and charters via the app. Seats can also be held on a possible booking for up to seven days while a client decides if they are suitable.

“It’s a real technology shift. You’ve got lots of great, talented people available in all the normal channels. They’ve also got a live chat facility as well as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

“The latest thing for the app is you can now fully access the Jet2 and easyJet flights scheudle. So anything that agents need to package up they can do that on the app. So if easyJet holidays or Jet2holidays don’t have the hotels contracted that the agents want, but they still want a package, they can do it with Major. Major have 500,000 hotels in the portfolio.

“What’s particularly good about the Major Go app is that for short breaks of two and three nights you can go out with a carrier with a fantastic flight time – giving you the full benefit of the day – but come back with another if the carrier you booked flights out with doesn’t have an ideal flight time going back. This optimises the clients time in resort.

“Major have got access to everything – low cost carriers, scheduled flights and charters. Whether it’s long haul, short haul, tours, worldwide trips, real complex multi-centres or triple-centres, all of that, Major specialise in, adding on tours and putting them all under one booking.

“Major also offer free cancellations on hotel bookings and agents can do all that on the portal. They don’t have to call someone and wait in a queue, it’s all accessible and bookable as soon as the agent logs in to the agent-only portal.”

And there are some great benefits for agents.

Craig adds: “Booking with Major via the agent portal earns agents some great incentives such as money off their own holidays or vouchers. Major are also really good at sharing their assets, to give agents their offers and assets for social media so they can attract the right customers.”

The NITN Event’s on Tour was the first time agents in Northern Ireland were introduced to MajorTravel and got the opportunity to see how the MajorGo app works in person. If you missed out on the opportunity to see the app in action, pop over to our Instagram page or our Facebook where Craig is demonstrating how the app works.

There’s no fee for agents to sign up and no minimum booking. Agents can book components, packages, whatever they want. There’s no loss. Scan the QR code below to sign up for Major Go!