Trade Union Unite Takes Further Steps to Save Aviation Jobs

Trade Union Unite has taken further action to try and save jobs in the aviation sector

Trade Union Unite has stepped up its campaign to save jobs across the aviator sector. Members will hold demonstrations at locations across the UK to demand immediate government support for the aviation sector.

The union is also urging members of the public to send Chancellor Rishi Sunak a digital ‘wish you were here… to save UK aviation jobs’ postcard.

The Chancellor made a pledge to support the sector back in March, and Unite is calling on him to keep his pledge.

Unite Assistant General Secretary Diana Holland said: “In March, Rishi Sunak pledged assistance for the UK’s aviation sector, which supports well over a million jobs directly and indirectly and contributes £22 billion to the economy every year. Over four months later, help is still yet to arrive, with thousands of jobs lost as a result.

“The government has ignored warning after warning in the months since the pandemic began and this crucial industry is now facing being devastated, even as other countries have taken decisive steps to protect their aviation sectors. Mr Sunak must follow their example and take urgent action.”

Unite national officer Oliver Richardson said: “UK aviation workers, as well as the communities and businesses that rely on the sector, are desperate for Mr Sunak to keep his word. He must provide immediate government support so the industry can weather the temporary impacts of the pandemic and emerge once again as a vital driver of the economy.

“It is also crucial that employers avoid knee-jerk reactions and take the approach of firms such as Ryanair, where redundancies have been prevented by working with Unite on measures like temporary tiered pay reductions and job pooling.”