Tobago Focuses on Eco-Initiatives for 2020

Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd make plans for 2020 on a range of eco-tourism initiatives

The Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd (TTAL) is focusing its UK & Ireland tourism plans for 2020 on a range of eco-tourism initiatives which will further enhance Tobago’s green credentials and international appeal.

Last year, TTAL launched its over-arching tourism rebranding initiative designed to promote the island: ‘Tobago Beyond: unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered’ and this has proved very successful in increasing international visitor numbers for 2019 by 14%.

A number of eco-tourism initiatives for 2020 are planned and ongoing, including:

  • Tobago Tourism Greening Initiative involves focusing on the amalgamation of several initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability and enhancing the tourism product of Tobago. The main components of this initiative include working towards internationally recognised eco and environmental standards, promoting and accentuating natural assets, and policy actions geared towards environmental sustainability and preservation.
  • Phasing Out of Styrofoam Cups – Environmentally friendly products are being used instead of Styrofoam cups throughout the island’s administration, including the Tobago House of Assembly and schools.
  • Introduction of Green Key Programme – This is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry and this programme will be rolled out through the tourism accommodation on the island.
  • Blue Flag – This is an internationally recognised eco-label associated with the best international standards for clean, safe, environmentally responsible beaches, marinas and sustainable boat tour operators. In Tobago, the process has started for two beaches working towards Blue Flag certification, namely Pigeon Point Heritage Park and Store Bay. This process will be on going for approximately three years.
    Other developments in tourism initiatives include:
    – Industry Standards – work continues in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau to assist tourism related business in attaining Standards Certification.
  • Tourism Accommodation Upgrade Project – The objective of the project is to provide an incentive for the upgrade of Tobago’s tourism properties including hotels and guesthouses, bed and breakfast and self-catering facilities.

Commenting on the initiatives for tourism in 2020, Mr Louis Lewis, CEO of the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd, says, “We are delighted to unveil our range of tourism initiatives for 2020 which are designed to recognise the importance of maintaining and enhancing Tobago’s natural assets and on attracting international visitors including those from Ireland.”