“This Year is Going to be Successful”- NITN Catches Up with Jet2holidays Head of Trade

NI Travel News' Sarah Pickering caught up with Jet2holidays Head of Trade, Alan Cross, to find out what the future holds for Jet2 and how the airline has dealt with the pandemic situation.

By Sarah Pickering, Senior Journalist


NI Travel News caught up with Jet2holidays Head of Trade, Alan Cross, to find out what the future holds for Jet2 and how the airline has dealt with the pandemic situation.

What does post covid recovery look like for Jet2holidays?

“It started on the first day that we were in to turmoil, 26th March, and then from that day it was all stations go to get things back; We never thought it would last as long, never thought it would be as bad,the agents and suppliers and everybody alike, but its about the industry getting together and actually being proactive . We all know what has happened in the past two years, we don’t need to go over old ground with that one, and we all know the pain and suffering we’ve been through. So it’s all about positivity, proactive marking activity over there ,pulling together, the customers are out there, the demand is over there and the travel agents; It’s up to supporting them and helping them to go out and get that.”

How do you feel the industry has dealt with the difficult situation of the past two years?

“Its predominantly about booking suppliers that you can trust at the end of the day and we are an operator you can trust. It all starts at the beginning of the booking to the end of the booking, and beyond that. Again ,getting repeat business, Jet2holidays have got the infrastructure to deliver quality customer service products and also being about booking with confidence from a customers perspective and a travel agent perspective- what a partnership”

What are you most excited about for the future?

“Getting a run at this and no stop-start effect. So what’s starting now is very early, getting the momentum going through there. This year is going to be successful- We’re looking to [20]23, we’ve got to look ahead to that, and all signs are it’s going to be a bumper year again.”

Jet2 have been the only airline not to cancel any flights during the recent travel chaos. What do current bookings look like like?

“Bookings are very healthy for us but that’s not luck. That is hard work thats got that delivered. We have done all of tactical stuff- we now have dedicated Jet2.com for packages for jet2holidays and two weeks ago, actually, one of the first [flights[ to go was a Belfast- Tenerife and it was 100% package holidays and it was 100% sold factor on that one. That is what we have got to achieve for the quality service, for the infrastructure of not only the airline, but the ground handling as well and thats what we do best.”

“When people are on holiday, one of the most important things is the supporting people when things don’t got to plan. We’ve got the red team out there, this not just a number, we’ve got the support of individuals and that support is out for the customer and the travel agent as well.”

Where can customers and agents find the Jet2holidays Red Team?

“The in resort helpers, the red team at this end- they’re checking in, they’re guiding you, that are making sure the queues go down and when customers get to the other end, we’ve got in resort helpers. They will visit the key hotels, there’s a contact telephone number if someone needs them, they will come and visit them as,and when, required in their property. So as I say, this is about seeing people through from beginning to end of a holiday, holding their hand as Jess Glynn would say”.