Northern Ireland Travel News Steps On Board Viking Sea

Northern Ireland Travel News stepped on board Viking Sea when it docked in Belfast recently

The Viking Sea was in Belfast last week and Northern Ireland Travel News were amongst 30 esteemed guests and travel agents invited on board to experience the latest in five-star Luxury cruising.

This is the second Viking Ship to take to the oceans after evolving from their river cruise origins. This allows the Viking Sea to retain the unique serenity of a river cruise on the open seas. Viking plan to continue this expansion, producing a ship every year, meaning that they will have 16 cruise ships by 2026.

Patrick Dixon, NI Travel News’ man onboard said: “The most striking aspect of the Viking Sea is just how relaxing it is.

“The ship can cater up to 930 passengers and each cabin has its own designated veranda. There are no children and no casinos with Viking preferring to focus on each destination it visits.

“All Viking ships are built from new and have the same interior and exterior design. The only exception is that each piece of artwork is a unique work and future Viking Ships will contain a planetarium. An onboard headset allows for a free tutorial on how each piece of art was created. The decor makes for an extremely homely feel to the ship and ensures each returning customer knows they are on a Viking Ship,” Patrick continued.

“All the staff our extremely friendly, never failing to stop and ask if they can assist with a smile. Speaking to some of the customers onboard they spoke highly of the excursion packages that Viking provide and how every detail, no matter how minute, is provided for.

“This allows the clientele to experience each destination in a timely, organised fashion adding to the experience. As the Viking ships are not huge, they have access to all ports enabling this focus on destination to be realised,” he added.

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Northern Ireland Travel News Steps On Board Viking Sea