NI Travel Trade Profiles: Sandra Corkin

The Oasis Travel Managing Director is next up in our fun profile series

Name: Sandra Corkin

Workplace: Oasis Travel

How long you been with them: 36 years

First ever job: Working part time in my Dad’s record shop when i was 14!

Best holiday: Caribbean

Favourite city hotspot: Palma

City Break OR Sunshine: Sunshine

Window or aisle airplane seat: Aisle

Favourite airport: Belfast City Airport

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Anyone who loves to shop!

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to: Australia

Favourite holiday drink: Chilled White Wine

Favourite holiday food: Tapas

1 x travel tip: Where possible book a hotel room “with a view”

Proudest moment in travel: Winning Travel Personality of the Year at the NI Travel Awards


Keep an eye out for some more profiles over the coming weeks!