NI Travel Trade Profiles: Marie Murphy

Marie from Terra takes on our profile series

Name: Marie Murphy (Crone)

Workplace: Terra Travel

How long you been with them: 36 years!!!

First ever job: A summer newspaper round

Best holiday: ANYWHERE Italian

Favourite city hotspot: Florence

City Break OR Sunshine: Sunny city break!!

Window or aisle airplane seat: Window and near the front , so the drinks trolley comes to me quickly

Favourite airport:Belfast International – it means I am going on holiday

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: My husband Morgan – holidays are quality time together

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to:Cuba – have booked it for November so fingers crossed

Favourite holiday drink: Wine in the sun!

Favourite holiday food: Breads with oils and salad

1 x travel tip: Always hire a safe as soon as you arrive!

Proudest moment in travel: Terra Travel winning NI Travel Agent of the Year at the NI Travel Awards