NI Travel Trade Profiles: Janet McGreevey

Janet from Travel Bug NI is next up in our profile series

Name: Janet McGreevey

Workplace: Travel Bug NI

How long you been with them: I created Travel Bug almost 2 years ago but have worked in so many sectors of the travel industry for 15 years.

First ever job: I was 16 years old and I was a glass lifter in a local bar, it was the best way of being out on a Saturday night when your underage.

Best holiday destination: Orlando Florida – I lived there for a number of years i was a cast member for Disney and worked in food and beverage for Starwood Hotels.

Favourite city hotspot: New York City – it has so much to offer!

City Break OR Sunshine: Both! – I love the city buzz but also love lying on the beach with a cocktail.

Window or aisle airplane seat: Aisle seat so i can see when the trolley is coming! Lol always thinking of my stomach. Years ago I didn’t mind where I sat, even the roof of the plane would have done but now I have a slight fear of flying so I prefer an aisle seat so I pretend i’m just on a bus and not 35000 feet from the ground when i look out the window. Must be old age! Lol

Favourite airport: Orlando for obvious reasons but nothing beats the humidity hit you when you land and you have hair like one of the supremes. Lol

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Dream – Ellen Degeneres for the craic and Anthony Bourdain for the food and drink  / Ideal – my husband he’s the most organised person I know.

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to:I have a list the length of my arm but next place I hope to visit is Nashville.

Favourite holiday drink: Ice cold beer first then a rum and coke

Favourite holiday food: Anyone who knows me knows i’m a real foodie so I enjoy eating local cuisine and trying something new. I do always enjoy Pizza anywhere I go.

1 x travel tip: WEAR SUNSCREEN! –  If I could offer you only one tip for the future, Sunscreen would be it!

Proudest moment in travel:Opening Travel Bug in July 2018 – if it wasn’t for my Dad and my brother my dream wouldn’t have became a reality. They gave me the encouragement and support I needed to be where I am today.