NI Travel Trade Profiles: Heather Fielding

ABTA Rep Haether is next up in our profile series

Name: Heather Fielding

Workplace: Gallagher Travel

How long you been with them: just over 17 years with Gallagher Travel

First ever job: joined my Dad in his agency when I was 12 during school holidays and Saturdays – making tea, filing, stamping brochures

Best holiday: Went to Mauritius few years ago on a work trip and want to take my husband there – the  Beachcomber Royal Palm Hotel is my spiritual home!

Favourite city hotspot – I love London – lived there for a year and there always something new to see and do

City Break OR Sunshine: Prefer sunshine and if I can get a sunshine city break I’m happy!

Window or aisle airplane seat: Window seat – love watching view during take off and landing

Favourite airport: no particular favourite – I love the buzz of an airport and enjoy people watching!

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Always my hubby James

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to: Would love to have all the time in the world to  hire a motorhome and explore Australia and New Zealand

Favourite holiday drink: something cool that is served to me while relaxing by the pool!

Favourite holiday food: Garlic prawns

1 x travel tip: Buy an annual insurance policy, keep your passport up to date and be ready to go at a minute’s notice – life is too short!

Proudest moment in travel: Quite a few but taking over my own agency at 29, being Northern Ireland ABTA representative and most recently moving into the building where I started my travel career over 32 years ago!