NI Travel Trade Profiles: Hazel Simpson

The Limavady Travel Boss gives us the answers to the all important questions

Next up in our profile series is Hazel Simpson – the brains behind Limavady Travel, the current NI Travel Agency of the Year!

Name: Hazel Simpson

Workplace: Limavady Travel

How long you been with them: Forever!

First ever job: Travel Consultant

Best holiday: Panama Canal Cruise

Favourite city hotspot: Lisbon

City Break OR Sunshine: City Break

Window or aisle airplane seat: Aisle, i like to be in control!

Favourite airport: Heathrow Terminal 5 (although i hear Singapore is supposed to be amazing)

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Michael Palin for conversation …. and Matthew McConaughey for obvious reasons!

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to: Falkland Islands

Favourite holiday drink: Cava at breakfast, Bloody Mary at 11am, Sauvignon Blanc with lunch, Mango Daiquiri by the pool in the afternoon, stiff G&T before dinner, wine with dinner …

Favourite holiday food: Jamaican food patties

1 x travel tip: always carry a copy of your passport.  I have mine laminated so it’s an ID card

Proudest moment in travel: winning NI Travel Agent of the year in October 2019


Keep an eye out for some more profiles over the coming weeks!