NI Travel Trade Profiles: Edel Doherty

Beyond Business Travel's Edel is next up in our profile series

Name: Edel Doherty

Workplace: Beyond Business Travel

How long you been with them: I started the business 10 years ago and its been the best 10 years in travel for me.  Not sure what the next 10 will bring!

First ever job: Hamilton Business Travel in Waring Street so long ago but seems like yesterday.

Best holiday: So many to choose from but it has to be between Myanmar and Peru

Favourite holiday hotspot: San Francisco USA

City Break OR Sunshine: definitely sunshine … we live in a place with gray skies!

Window or aisle airplane seat: Always window

Favourite airport: The only thing I dont like about travel are airports!

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Sir David Attenborough

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to: Argentina I crossed the border one night from Brazil had dinner in it and vowed to return.

Favourite holiday drink: Rioja

Favourite holiday food: Tapas

1 x travel tip: Plan your next trip before you leave the holiday you are on it totally mitigates holiday blues

Proudest moment in travel: Taking the team away with their partners overnight the craic was great and everyone had so much fun. Just loved it!