NI Travel Trade Profiles: Chandra Rowan

Feherty Travel's own South African agent extraordinaire is latest to tackle our profile series

Name: Chandra Rowan

Workplace: Feherty Travel

How long you been with them: 10 years (wow where did that go?!)

First ever job: waitress

Best holiday: USA

Favourite city hotspot: Washington DC

City Break OR Sunshine: Bit of both, definitely love the sunshine due to the lack of it in Northern Ireland, but love history and seeing the sights!

Window or aisle airplane seat: Window

Favourite airport: Singapore

Dream / Ideal travel buddy: Joanna Lumley would be my dream travel buddy, my ideal travel buddies are my family!

Somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been to: Parts of China, Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors and Beijing to see the Great Wall.

Favourite holiday drink: Has to be prosecco

Favourite holiday food: Being South African I love a good piece of meat, can’t beat a good Steak!

1 x travel tip: Always pack your clothes across several bags, so if your luggage gets delayed/lost you will always have clean underwear and an outfit with you.

Proudest moment in travel: Winning NI Travel consultant of the Year!