NI Travel News Supplier Selection Series: Lynsey Jones

Lynsey from Balkan Holidays lifts the lid on the NI Travel Trade ...

Which member of the NI Travel Trade ….

Would you like to be sitting beside on a flight to the Canary Islands? Dougie from Stewart Travel – great banter, loves a booze, sure he’s got loads of stories to tell


When you need some agency info, who has the most knowledge on industry issues that you would call first? Colin Laffin- fountain of knowledge and a top chap who’s always been lovely since I started


Is your favorite drink buddy? Leona from Limavady – great banter – solid boozer


Is the one to help you to bed? Sarah from Reliable travel, she has already escorted me back to my hotel after Olly Murs so can definitely rely on her to help me again!


Could you not leave your phone unlocked around? Janine Barr Terra Travel she’s the social media queen so would get me in a world of trouble!


Who would you call in an emergency? Frances from Laffin travel, I know I could rely on her for anything


Who would you have on your Pub Quiz Team? Paula from the Travel News, she’s the out and about of NI organising everything left right and centre so must have picked up loads of random info along the way


Makes the best cup of tea/coffee when you visit? I don’t drink tea and coffee but L&J world took it one step further and we did lunch last time I was over – top ladies


And …. Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with, the most resourceful and has hidden skills? Gillian Limavady Travel Just love her, not sure we’d get very far as I’m guessing neither of us would kill anything, but we’d have a giggle trying!