NI Travel News Supplier Selection Series: Danny Giles

Silverseas' very own Danny Giles spills the beans on the local travel trade

Which member of the NI Travel Trade ….

Would you like to be sitting beside on a transatlantic flight? Raymond Parker, we would share (bore the other passengers) stories of the may goals scored on the Hockey pitch by us both.


When you need some agency info, who has the most knowledge on industry issues that you would call first? Tracy Lowry, I call her the oracle of Northern Ireland as shes knows everything.


Is your favorite drink buddy? Oh this would  be a very long list, Aaron Fletcher, Jenny Fletcher, Claire Mulligan to name a few


Is the one to help you to bed? Tracey Logan Duffy (as she is always the last to bed)


Could you not leave your phone unlocked around? Gillian McBurns … in fact ANY of the Limavady Travel girls!


Who would you call in an emergency? Colin Laffin, he is always there when you need him


Who would you have on your Pub Quiz Team? Delia Aston, good knowledge


Makes the best cup of tea/coffee when you visit? Brian Gillespie … although a pint of the black stuff would be preferred!


And …. Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with, the most resourceful and has hidden skills? Aoibheann Smyth – No hidden skills, but I couldn’t be without her 🙂