New CMA Campaign Urges Travel Companies to Check Their Terms

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is inviting travel associations and groups to work together on a forthcoming campaign to highlight the importance of having clear and fair terms and conditions

The CMA is responsible for raising awareness amongst businesses about unfair contract terms rules set out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The new Small Print, Big Difference campaign, which will officially launch later this spring, encourages travel businesses to review their terms and conditions to ensure they’re complying with the law.

People may feel they have little choice but to sign up to a business’ terms and conditions, however terms that are considered ‘unfair’ in law are not binding on consumers. As well as being unable to rely on them, a company using them could be leaving itself vulnerable to legal action.

The CMA has previously found that less than half of UK businesses know the rules on unfair terms well and on average, only review their terms every 4 years. The CMA knows that most businesses want to comply with the law, but some may be overdue reviewing their consumer contracts. Making sure that terms are fair can help travel businesses prevent disputes with customers, saving them time and money, protecting their reputations and boosting their chances of repeat custom.

“Our upcoming Small Print, Big Difference campaign communicates clearly and concisely why it’s so important for businesses to check their terms are fair and up-to-date,” says CMA Director of Communications, Paul Latham.

“The CMA is talking to industry partners to collaborate and help spread this message, which can boost consumer confidence in the travel sector as a whole.

“Businesses that pledge to check – and amend, if necessary – their small print, will have a strong and positive message for their customers that they take their rights seriously.”

To learn more about Small Print, Big Difference and to sign up for future alerts and materials to help support the campaign, travel businesses should visit the campaign website at