My Booking Rewards Celebrates Record Year

Already in 2023, MBR has welcomed 185 new agents

My Booking Rewards (MBR), is celebrating record breaking figures for 2022 as UK agents earn £131,000 in tangible rewards. With 33,000 bookings logged via, agents boosted their earning power considerably, reaping the benefits of additional income in the form of cash, free room nights, FAM trip places and more. MBR’s suppliers also saw record returns, securing a combined sales revenue of £215 million.

And already in 2023, MBR has welcomed 185 new agents, seen more than £1,000 in rewards earned and suppliers have secured a bookings revenue in excess of £11 million.

MBR has also increased agent earning power for January Peaks with select suppliers amplifying their rewards offering to drive new year sales. Increased cash rewards, including double rewards offers, are available for agents to take advantage of until 31 January 2023, with all valid bookings logged this month eligible. Agents can join MBR today by registering at and will begin earning bonus income as soon as they log their first booking.

Comments Darren Pearson, CEO, My Booking Rewards:

“2022 has been a record year for My Booking Rewards on a global scale. These figures represent the UK market but record-breaking figures were reached across our worldwide network. We’re delighted to have helped so many agents boost their earning potential by tapping into our unique rewards led formula, whilst also enabling our suppliers to generate an increased ROI for their businesses.

“During the key booking period of peaks, we are supporting the agent-supplier relationship with increased earning power. Agents not only have the opportunity to grow their rewards revenue – in some cases even double it – this month but also boost their knowledge and even take advantage of excellent agent rates.

My Booking Rewards is a fully integrated online solution that supports rewarding relationships by bringing together agents and suppliers. Agents can earn and learn from one easily accessed portal that offers direct interaction with over 1200 hotels and resorts worldwide. Suppliers can engage with an active network of 10,000 agents, incentivising sales in key markets to drive and convert bookings. MBR is also HMRC approved so financial management across the portal is simple; agent earnings can be officially taxed at source and NI contributions for UK corporations are also calculated and paid.

Agents can sign up to My Booking Rewards today and start earning immediately by visiting