Great Lakes USA Announce Return To UK and Irish Markets

Great Lakes USA is delighted to announce marketing budgets to support its main international markets for 2022/2023

The international marketing consortium known as the Great Lakes USA which has have been active in promoting the region in the UK & Irish markets for over 20 years prior to the global pandemic, has once again come together.

Great Lakes USA is delighted to announce marketing budgets to support its main international markets for 2022/2023, with the UK and Ireland at the top of that list.

Consisting of the States of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota, this joint effort compliments their existing individual marketing efforts, by providing a regional component that is attractive to the trade when selling to the travelling public intent on visiting the USA.

The UK & Irish budget will be used to support co-operative marketing with industry partners and working with the national and travel trade media, and consumer promotions.

There will be scope for familiarisation visits to the region. The consortiums agency of record Cellet Marketing and Public Relations Limited, which is tasked with promoting the interests of the partners, has been renewed, and Cellet is delighted to be given the opportunity to continue to develop new opportunities and strengthen the relationships with the partners that have continued to support the region over many years.

Yolanda Fletcher, Managing Director of Cellet said, “The mechanism for funding the consortium disappeared as travel ceased, it is a testament to the hard work, commitment and vision of the partners that they have come back and are showing faith in the UK and Irish markets, working tirelessly to regroup and energise their vision for this amazing region.”

Travel professionals within the UK and Ireland are being encouraged to utilise this development and capitalise on the opportunity to work with Cellet, to boost sales and develop product into the region.

David Lorenz the Chair of the consortium said, “The UK and Ireland are two of our top International Markets outside North America, and in re-forming, we are acknowledging this importance, I am grateful to my fellow directors who are making our support to the UK and Ireland a reality and in doing so placing our region firmly in the minds of the UK and Irish travelling public”

Cellet is looking forward to working with the UK and Irish Travel Trade over the next few months as strategies and campaigns are developed.