Flexible Autos Visits Agents Across Province for Mission 123

Diane Risk from the Flexible Autos sales team has been on the road across Northern Ireland encouraging agents to take part in Mission 123

For every agent the sales team visited, Flexible Autos donated £5 to Reuben’s Retreat.

The team wore branded camouflage outfits as part of its aim to enlist as many agents as possible.

The ‘Advance Army’, which included all 10 sales team members, covered the whole of the UK, giving information about Mission 123 to each agent they visited.

Diane Risk, Sales Manager for Northern Ireland was on the road visiting agents across the Province.

Diane said: “I was visiting agents across Northern Ireland for Mission 123. For every travel agent we visited and took a photograph with Flexible Autos donated £5 to Reuben’s Retreat.”

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Flexible Autos | Mission 123