Flexi Reps Launch Success

Craig Davidson, Flexi Reps MD, has been overwhelmed with early demand for the service

All new Flexi Reps was launched on 3rd August to be the go-to place for brands wanting flexible talent on the road, to enhance brand awareness. Craig hopes to keep our industries on the road heroes busy while the market recovers and keep travel agents up to speed on any changes from operators, something widely felt by agents to be a missing link as operators have had to, understandably, cut fixed long term cost while consumer confidence rebuilds.

Craig Davidson, Flexi Reps MD, has been overwhelmed with early demand for the service. Commenting on his first week “Its heart-breaking really as we’ve had so many reps get in touch, all talented individuals, that are crying out to get back to what they love. Our industry continues to take a battering and some government decisions are really not helping that”

In the first week of launch www.flexireps.co.uk their website has had over 2,800 visits and over fifty reps sign up for temporary work. Over fifteen companies have been in touch to use Flexi Reps and Craig is confident he will be announcing his first project imminently. Remarking on demand from operators Craig said “We have had a lot of interest from operators and I’m hopeful we’ll be sharing news of our first project in the next week or two. We are already redesigning our website to make sure we can easily post and share opportunities as they come in. We have also started a weekly blog and reps newsletter, thank Flexi its Friday.”

Kelly Freeth has been kept busy in the office and added “I recognise so many of the reps names as I’ve been trained by lots of them in the past. I am gutted they are all looking for opportunities and our industry is at risk of losing them for good which will be a real shame. Craig is working all hours under the sun to create demand from partners, he is so passionate about landing projects, I think he’ll probably cry when the first project post goes up.”

Technology and change in working patterns have really helped speed up talking to partners. In the past it would have been weeks of setting up meetings and then travelling to pitch the concept. In a swift 30-minute zoom partners have been able to easily grasp the concept, how it works and start thinking how they can use the service.

Craig was keen to add, “What’s also great is how well received we’ve been from existing and well-established representation companies. We are keeping our model simple. We provide boots on the ground for travel agent activity. Existing UK PR and representation companies do so much more than that, so Flexi Reps is a very natural fit and extension to their proposition to brands they work with. Because we are not offering a full PR and marketing solution, we are a partner not a threat. Craig hinted that there may be news on potential partnerships in this space in the weeks to come.”