Flexi Reps First Rep Campaign

Flexi Reps have announced their first Reps campaign with Spring Hotels Group

Flexi Reps launched in August 2020 has posted its first rep project to its database of talented, available former travel industry field sales professionals. The platform aimed at matching travel business’s with reps to promote their brand to travel agents has been in talks with lots of business’s to use the service since launch six weeks ago and several are close to pushing the button on campaigns. Spring Hotels Group are the first out of the blocks to tap into the available talent and get “boots on the ground”.

Speaking about the Flexi Reps service ahead of their first campaign, Spring Hotels Group Commercial Director Joanne Robinson said: “When I saw the product launch I really loved the concept, when I spoke to Craig and realised how flexible they could be and how involved I could be in the rep selection process I jumped at the chance to work with them. The industry has changed over the last six months and we need to keep agents up to date on our products and services. We will train the reps on our objectives and get them out seeing over 150 agents, we look forward to seeing the results and choosing Flexi Reps again for future agent blitzes.”

Craig Davidson is delighted to announce the first of many projects and said “What’s clear is we are on to something with this. Travel business’s need to keep agents up to date through lots of channels but you cannot beat a good face to visit to get a message across. Spring Hotels Group have developed a superb app for customers and a great agent portal, getting out and sharing the news with agents will help raise awareness of both.”