Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Introduces Off-The-Beaten-Track All-Year Round Eco-Safaris

Soaking up the everlasting sun, the destination offers adventure seekers experiences beyond the well-known wildebeest migration event in Mara. Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and its sister conservancies Ol Pejeta and Solio give access to critically endangered wildlife such as rhinoceros and mountain bongos

Nestled within the private Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and on the slopes of Mount Kenya, the iconic Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club welcomes guests to a set of authentic leisure activities and experiences beyond the traditional safari – the signature track of Mara region – in the ideal climate to discover the rare beauty of Kenya all year round.

Built in the 1960s by Hollywood celebrity William Holden, this landmark hotel remains today a beacon of luxury and authenticity, following the refurbishment, it has embarked on a mission to conserve and safeguard the pristine wilderness, encompassing lush indigenous forests, savannah and diverse wildlife.

Whereas the most visited season in Kenya is from June to September – due to the great migration phenomenon in Mara, recognized in 2016 by UNESCO as the 7th Wonder of the World – the rest of the country is covered by a variety of private conservancies and national parks allowing wildlife and Africa lovers to discover nature’s transformative journey all year round. At any time of the year, adventure seekers have the unique opportunity to witness a once-in-the-lifetime moment when the magical rebirth unfolds, the air fills with birdsong, sunlight breaks through the clouds, vibrant greens paint the surroundings, and wildlife thrives in a rejuvenated landscape, displaying the powerful effect of Mother Nature.

Among the rising stars plebiscite by luxury travellers: Laikipia conservancies and Mount Kenya – the second-highest peak in Africa have become the flagship destinations of this magical country in recent years, thanks to the presence of critically endangered species such as the black and white northern rhinoceros as well as the majestic mountain bongo antelope, the variety of wildlife including all big 5.

The variety of flora including savannah, lush forests, waterfalls and blue pools make the region the ultimate all-year-round destination for eco-safari experiences.