COVID-19: Travel Remains in a “Perilous State” Says ABTA

ABTA has warned that travel remains in a "perilous state", despite the UK government easing the UK's coronavirus lockdown

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that 14 countries are to be included on the UK’s air bridge list, the list is still to be disclosed.

A spokesperson from ABTA said: “We need a more comprehensive roadmap as soon as possible that includes timeframes for relaxing international travel restrictions so businesses and customers can plan ahead.

“The process of sending people on holiday is not like turning on a tap; as much advance notice as possible from the government is required for travel companies to restart operations.

“The measures announced to ease lockdown further in England and allow people to stay overnight in self-contained accommodation, and take domestic holidays from 4 July, is a step in the right direction on the road to restarting travel in earnest.

“With travel restrictions in place for the last few months, there is latent demand to travel with people wanting to visit close family and friends and have something to look forward to.

“However, the travel sector remains in a perilous state, with redundancies announced each week, and more needs to be done to help the whole sector recover.”