COVID-19: Travel Counsellor Business Owners to Lobby Local MPs

Business owners at Travel Counsellors are being encouraged to contact their local MP in light of the Government's plans on new quarantine measures

Business owners at Travel Counsellors are being encouraged to contact their local MP in light of the Government’s plans on new quarantine measures, supporting the industry wide lobbying that is taking place.

The new legislation, which specifies a period of isolation for inbound travellers to the UK from 08 June, is being highlighted by Travel Counsellors as further damaging to the UK economy and travel industry, with the establishment of international air bridges or ‘travel corridors’ as the most sensible and viable solution at this time.

The company’s business owners who wish to support this have been provided with a letter to send to their local MP, requesting a withdrawal of the proposed legislative amendment to the Coronavirus Act 2020, which would enable the government to impose mandatory 14 day quarantine periods on any person(s) arriving in the United Kingdom.

The letter supports the statements made by others across the travel industry, stating that  “A mandatory quarantine on all inbound travellers, which will deter visitors from coming here, make UK travellers think twice about going abroad, and most likely incur reciprocal quarantine measures on British travellers to other countries, will have real consequences for the UK travel sector.”

By sending the letter to their local MP, individual Travel Counsellors will also advocate a relaxation of the FCO’s ban on travel, and call for more focus and resources aimed towards establishing air bridges or travel corridors with destinations that are deemed ‘low risk’.

Travel Counsellors CEO, Steve Byrne says, “We completely agree and understand that the health, safety and wellbeing of travellers has been, and remains the most important thing, and we understand and appreciate that Government measures will be driven by this priority.

“With an effective track and trace system now being put in place, together with confirmation of international air bridges or ‘travel corridors’, and enhanced health and safety requirements met by measures instated across the globe, we’re supporting our people to make their voice heard by encouraging their local MPs to see these initiatives as the most sensible and practical solution at this time.

“The travel industry is made up of thousands of brilliant, caring, professional and talented people who are focused on always doing the right thing for their customers and showing care whenever they can. We’re keen to do all that we can to support the industry as a whole in the many discussions that are happening to facilitate a recovery from this crisis, and to support our Travel Counsellors business owners in securing a brighter future for the remainder of the year and beyond.

“Above all, we wish to continue to support our customers to make the right choices on travel based on their personal circumstances and preferences, which is where the trusted relationships that Travel Counsellors, and others across the industry, provide really shine through. Customers will always remember the advice, support, expertise and care we showed to them throughout this time, and in the future.”

Travel Counsellors letter to local MPs ends by urging that the considerations are not only for the travel industry as a whole, but for small business owners across the UK.