COVID-19: Royal Caribbean Will Make Some New Health and Safety Policies Permanent

Royal Caribbean Chair and Chief Executive Richard Fain has said some health and hygiene policies will become permanent at the cruise line

Some health and hygiene policies adopted due to Covid-19 will become permanent onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises ships says Royal Caribbean Chair and Chief Executive Richard Fain.

In a video message, Fain said that although the Covid-19 pandemic was “not over yet” there were “very positive signs on the horizon”.

RCCL has created a “blue riband” panel of health experts to advise it on new policies – a group Fain described as “some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the world”.

He said: “These are leading experts in all the relevant fields including epidemiology, infection diseases… they really are the best of the best.”

Fain also said that upon returning to sailing “some changes will be permanent but many others will likely be temporary”.

He said those policies that would remain would be guided by science: “Science and society will guide us to those answers.”