COVID-19: Government Set to Agree to PTR Credit Note Change

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is reportedly set to agree to a change in the Package Travel Regulations which will allowing travel firms to issue credit notes instead of refunds

As reported in the Independent, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is reportedly set to approve the use of credit instead of refunds which will allow travel companies to issue credit notes instead of refunds.

The European Commission (EC) relaxed regulations around customer claims refunds amid the coronavirus pandemic on Friday (20 March) and customers are being encouraged to accept credit notes as long as they can ask for a full refund at a later date – if it is not used towards a new booking.

ABTA praised the move saying the EC “recognises the strains being placed on tour operators due to coronavirus”.

“The PTD is the legal framework on which the UK Package Travel Regulations are based, and we now need the UK government to follow the European Commission’s lead and confirm a similar approach,” a spokesperson said.

“This new guidance will give customers the essential assurance that they will either get a holiday or their money back, as well as providing a much-needed helping hand to travel companies through these difficult and unprecedented times.”