COVID-19: Gold Medal and Travel 2 Expand Out of Date Range Availability

Gold Medal and Travel 2 expand their Out of Date Range availability providing more choice for agents

With customers and agents looking to book holidays further afield, Gold Medal and Travel 2 are extending their Out of Date Range availability to provide agents with the ability to secure their customer’s holiday now for travel dates throughout 2021 and even as far ahead as 2022. Popular destinations include Florida, Asia, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Dubai & Arabia, which can be tailor-made with a selection of long haul scheduled airlines and some of the world’s leading hotels and resorts.

Nick Hughes, sales director, Gold Medal and Travel 2 explains: “Many holidaymakers are understandably looking to postpone their holidays until next year and beyond. It is key that agents are armed with as much flexibility as possible when it comes to moving the dates of their customer’s trips.

“In addition, many of us are wanting to plan and book holidays for when it is safe to travel. Having the flexibility to book dates that fall outside the traditional 11-month booking window for scheduled air travel is key in providing agents with the flexibility and choices they need right now.”