COVID-19: Advantage Partnership Releases Statement

Following the government's announcement that travellers returning to England from certain destinations – including Germany, France, Spain and Italy – will no longer be required to self-isolate for two weeks from July 10 Advantage Travel Partnership has released a statement

Response to Government announcement on travelling internationally

Following the confirmation of the removal of the 14-day quarantine period between England and a number of destinations, this important progress from the government means that travel agents can once again start to sell with confidence. To coincide with the announcement and to ensure its members are fully versed on the differing requirements for travel, Advantage Travel Partnership has launched its Comeback Campaign, which will help provide agents with relevant marketing assets and an up-to-date checklist so that they can provide accurate advice to their customers.

The checklist includes items such as checking each destinations’ entry requirements, if personal protective equipment (PPE) needs to be worn within the destination and health related requirements for the destination such as temperature tests on arrival, pre-screening, or vaccination conditions. The supporting ‘Say Hello To…’ marketing assets have been designed with Advantage’s top performing destinations in mind and will be available for members to encourage future bookings from their customers. These tools also help to reiterate Advantage’s ‘Count On Us’ messaging, illustrating that travellers can count on Advantage members for their holidays during an unpredicted time of uncertainty.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of Advantage Travel Partnership commented: “We welcome this update from the Government as visitors will now be able to travel to and from the selected countries without the need of quarantining upon to their return.

“It’s important that whilst we see the industry begin to move forward, the experience of travelling abroad will have changed quite considerably and the support and advice from your local travel agent will now be more valuable than ever. From providing advice on what to expect whilst transiting through the airport, what safety precautions travellers will need to take on flights, to how transfers and resorts will operate, booking through a travel agent will provide the British public with an added layer of reassurance and peace of mind. In a time of uncertainty where there will be more questions than ever, being able to pick up the phone and speak to a travel expert will help put travellers’ minds at ease.

“Travel agencies are open up and down the country, and agents are ready to inform and inspire clients to send the British public on much a needed and deserved holiday this year as well as help those travellers who are desperate to visit friends and family abroad or those who need to travel for business.”