Brexit Delay Brings 50 Per Cent Increase in Sales

The APT Travel Group saw a huge boost in sales, post the announcement from Theresa May that Brexit would be delayed until Hallowe'en

APT recorded one of their best day of sales last Friday – putting it in their top five selling days over the past five years.

Bookings across both their river cruising and touring holidays increased by 50 per cent overnight, with a sudden boost in sales for 2019 departures demonstrating an increase in consumer confidence following the announcement that Brexit would be further delayed until the autumn.

Managing Director of APT UK & Europe, Paul Melinis explains: “Brexit has presented a challenge across the travel industry as anxious consumers hold off on booking their holidays. We’re focused on delivering the best experience for our customers from booking until the day they return home, but we can’t ignore the concerns raised by Brexit.

That’s why earlier this year we introduced our Brexit Promise to reassure passengers that their prices would not increase, no matter what the outcome. While sales have been steady so far this year, our record breaking day of sales clearly shows that the delay has shifted the customer mindset from browsing to booking their 2019 holidays.”

The unexpected uplift in sales wasn’t tied solely to European destinations, with bookings up across the board with holidays to Asia and North America all included in the mix.

From humble beginnings that date back to 1927, the APT Travel Group today 90 years on is a global business with an extensive portfolio of touring and cruising brands. The company says its distinct brands enable the APT Travel Group to deliver an unwavering focus on unforgettable holiday experiences for each and every individual.