Be Part of the USA MegaFam 2018

Seven Itineraries; One Iconic Country - the countdown has begun don't miss your chance to be part of the 2018 US MegaFam

Register now at and you could be joining one of seven incredible itineraries across the USA before heading for a finale like no other in Nashville, Tennessee with British Airways and American Airlines.

It’s easy to apply:

  • Register bookings made to the USA until 23rd March 2018 with American Airlines or British Airways
  • Complete the MegaFam Airlines 2018 badge, which will give you plenty of hints and tops to help boost your American Airlines and British Airways flights sales
  • Complete the Music, Culture & Heritage badge, aimed to inspire, excite and prepare you for one of seven breath-taking itineraries
  • Pass as many specialist badges as you can on the USA Discovery Program