Agents Urged to Check Irish Operators’ Financial Cover

Agents booking packages with operators in the Republic of Ireland are being urged to make sure their clients are financially protected

The warning, aimed mainly at agents in Northern Ireland, comes after the Commission for Aviation Regulation (Car) in the Republic said holidays sold by Irish operators to customers departing from other EU states won’t be covered by its financial protection.

Advantage Travel Partnerships said this meant customers departing from Northern Ireland wouldn’t be covered if they bought a holiday from an operator based in the Republic.

Operations director Paul Nunn said: “The Irish government is saying it will protect passengers that depart from the Republic of Ireland, but not those departing Northern Ireland. So Irish operators need to ensure they have protection for those customers.

“In simple terms, Republic of Ireland suppliers need to provide financial protection for customers who they are selling to in other member states because Car (equivalent of ATOL) doesn’t yet cover these sales.

“Many of these suppliers are having to purchase supplier failure insurance which protects the customers in the event of their failure.

“Members need to ensure that these bookings have adequate financial protection for their customers.”