AERTiCKET Teams up with Amadeus

AERTiCKET chooses Amadeus to further develop its rail portfolio and support future growth

As a result of the very challenging situation in the travel industry these days, AERTiCKET moves to deepen its partnership with Amadeus to further diversify its business – an endorsement of the value and trust Amadeus has built with the European wholesaler over the years.

The disruption across the travel industry due to COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented uncertainty and change. Whilst one cannot predict when travel will return to previous levels, it will be essential for travel sellers to make an extensive range of offers available for business and leisure travellers, so they can begin traveling again with confidence.

It’s against this backdrop that, AERTiCKET, an independent ticket wholesaler in Europe, has partnered with Amadeus to build an even more comprehensive rail portfolio. AERTiCKET already has access to air content via the Amadeus Travel Platform, and thanks to this latest implementation, it will now gain access to the Amadeus Rail Platform. The addition of domestic and international rail content will mean AERTiCKET’s customers can book rail tickets, alongside flights and other travel offers, and therefore can create a variety of personalised travel packages.

Railway operators that will be available on AERTiCKET’s booking application, Cockpit, as a result of this agreement include Austria’s OBB, France’s SNCF, Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, Italy’s Trenitalia and NTV, Norway’s NSB, Sweden’s SJ, Spain’s Renfe, and Switzerland’s SBB. The wholesaler’s travel agent network will be able to seamlessly book rail trips for travellers without having to sign individual contracts with each rail operator.

“We are the largest ticket wholesalers in Europe, and we have to prepare for how people will want to travel in the future. Offering a diverse range of rail options not only gives travellers more choice for their journeys, it also is an important and necessary contribution to climate protection to offer rail for short distances.” said Rainer Klee, founder and CEO of AERTiCKET.

“While we already have strong and direct agreements with rail carriers, we wanted to create an even wider and more comprehensive rail portfolio. Amadeus is the perfect partner for this as it has one of the most well-developed rail portfolios in the industry today and it’s a pleasure to work with long-term trustworthy partners, especially in these challenging times,” added Klee.

“During a crisis like COVID-19, we realize that sometimes we take for granted all the ways in which we can travel. Rail is in many cases a great alternative or addition within the end-to-end journey of a traveler. The myriad of possibilities creates great opportunities for travel providers, which is why we are happy to expand our collaboration with AERTiCKET and provide access to our extensive rail portfolio,” said Mirja Sickel, Executive Vice President of Rail and Ground Travel, Amadeus.

“More and more, traveling by train has become a preferred mode of transport for journeys up to 300 kms and so we’re confident our partnership with AERTiCKET will give its customers the richest range of content, which will be pivotal while we navigate today’s challenging environment and prepare for the future,” Sickel added.

AERTiCKET is a long-standing customer of Amadeus and continues to work on a number of strategic projects together, including being an early adopter of the NDC-enabled Travel API.