Advantage Travel Partnership Team UP With Miss Jones PA

Advantage unite with Miss Jones PA to offer their members direct access to suppliers and buyers

At the Advantage Travel Partnership conference in Cadiz, Spain, it was announced that Advantage are launching a partnership agreement with Miss Jones PA. The new alliance will see Advantage Travel Partnership act as Miss Jones PA’s partner, providing a series of travel events that connects members with suppliers and buyers to grow their knowledge of and interaction with travel businesses.

The venture will involve a series of roadshows and event showcases across the UK which allow Miss Jones PA members to meet, interact and engage with Advantage’s TMC membership and suppliers. The first roadshow will be held in the summer as Advantage Travel Partnership commit to undertaking a minimum of 3 events in 2019.

PAs and EAs are often responsible for a company’s travel, meetings and event requirements as they perform the role of a travel manager, particularly in the SME sector. With Advantage’s membership specialising and excelling in the SME market it is the perfect opportunity to bring both the memberships together to work with one another.

Neil Armorgie, Global Product Director at Advantage says: “We are delighted to be working closely with the team from Miss Jones PA and their membership. It makes perfect sense to provide opportunities for interaction between key buyers and our members to work together. The SME sector is our membership sweet spot, mirroring the Miss Jones PA membership”.

The Managing Director of Miss Jones PA, Lisa Boissel added: “The Advantage Travel Partnership represents over 120 of the top TMCs in the UK and by working closely with them we will create unique opportunities to educate our PA membership and network with leading travel suppliers, we could not be more excited at this extension to our service offering.”