Advantage Teams Up with Travel Ledger for Modern Tech Payment Rollout

The new system will drive extensive benefits to Advantage members

At the Advantage Travel Partnership conference in Madeira, the company announced that it is replacing its 20-year-old supplier payments system with a new settlement platform using the latest technology, developed by Travel Ledger.

The UK’s largest independent network of travel agents is migrating CAPS (the Central Advantage Payments System), which has been used for the past two decades to facilitate payments between Advantage agent members and suppliers, to the Travel Ledger platform.

The new system will go live on 6 May and will gradually on-board members and preferred suppliers over the course of this year.

Paul Nunn, Operations Director of Advantage Travel Partnership, said:

“Delivering business efficiencies and process improvements to our members is central to our proposition as a group and this initiative will help drive significant benefits to our agent partners.

“Moving CAPS from its legacy platform to modern tech will add no end of value in speeding up members’ supplier payments and reconciliation processes and ultimately free up valuable time for them to focus more on sales and customer service.”

The new system will allow member agents, preferred suppliers and the Advantage organisation to take advantage of the adaptable, flexible and responsive processes which the platform supports. It will also drive further benefits for Advantage members, including having all their suppliers on the same, single-view platform, which improves operational efficiency by removing the need for agents to reconcile multiple supplier statements and generate multiple payments.

Coinciding with the new platform going live with Advantage, Travel Ledger are releasing additional functionality to make it easier for Agents to integrate with back-office systems and third-party software such as Excel. These integration capabilities will further improve efficiencies for agents by enabling automated reconciliation of supplier payment requests.

Roberto Da Re, CEO of Travel Ledger, added:

“The partnership with Advantage validates the work we have put in over the years to provide the travel industry with a fit-for-purpose and future-proofed payments platform. It will make life easier for travel agents at a time when their focus needs to be on serving customers rather than dealing with inefficient supplier payment processes.”

Travel Ledger is owned and run by a team of travel technology veterans who are familiar with the needs of agents and suppliers. It has a participating network of 1800+ travel buyers working with 30+ Suppliers, processing over £15m in travel payments a week. With a strong customer base in the UK established, Travel Ledger will start working with European buyers and sellers later this year.