ABTA Announces New Speakers For Travel Convention

ABTA has added a new business session to its line-up for the Travel Convention, taking place in Tokyo in October

ABTA has added a new business session called ‘The Rise of the Conscience Traveller’ to its line-up for the Travel Convention, which will take place in Tokyo in October.

Speaking during the session will be Richard Sofer from TUI, Tony Roberts from Princess Cruises, Jose Aragao from the Portuguese tourist board and Simon King from Inside Japan Tours.

They will be joined on stage by ABTA’s sustainable travel expert Nikki White.

ABTA said: “Our customers are choosing to travel for different reasons and we are seeing the rise of the conscience traveller, as environmental concerns increasingly influence holiday choices.

“Travellers are asking more questions about the social and environmental impacts of their stay before making a decision about where to visit. Millennials and Gen Z travellers are looking for more sustainable holiday experiences and ways to travel that reduce their carbon footprint, and there is an increasing demand for destinations and companies to implement good animal welfare practices.

“In this session, we will talk to a range of travel companies about the moves they are making to address the rise of the conscience traveller and the many ways that customers, travel companies and communities can all benefit from responsible tourism.”