What does the New Decade, New Approach Deal Mean for Tourism in NI?

With a new deal agreement passed at Stormont, NI Travel News take a quick look to see what the new deal means for tourism in Northern Ireland

Parties across Northern Ireland sat today to pour through a draft proposal that, now is finally agreed and will see the executive in Northern Ireland up and running again!

There are some key tourism points made in the deal which will bring some much needed support and funding for infrastructure, regeneration and tourism.

These include:

  • The Executive will make it a priority to realise the economic potential offered by City Deals for the Belfast Region and Derry/Londonderry, including through match capital funding for infrastructure, regeneration and tourism projects.
  • The Executive will work with the UK Government to develop and deliver the Growth Deals for Mid South West Northern Ireland and Causeway Coast and Glens.
  • The Executive will bring more big events like The Open Championship to Northern Ireland – playing to our strengths and boosting our economy.
  • The Executive will also take forward the reform of licensing laws.
  • The Office will have funding streams and schemes including publishing and broadcasting, small grants, events and tourism, exhibition and museum curation, built heritage, cultural education and tourism projects.
  • Promoting Northern Ireland’s culture, heritage and society
  • Work alongside the restored Executive, to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in 2021 in a spirit of mutual respect, inclusiveness and reconciliation in line with the principles for remembering. This approach to the centenary will provide an opportunity to reflect on the past as well as to build for the future, within NI, across the UK, across the island of Ireland and internationally. We will make available funding to support a number of projects to mark the centenary. This will include facilitating national recognition and international awareness of this significant anniversary, as well as exploring projects such as a Shared History Fund, the restoration of Craigavon House and the Great Ulster Forest.

The deadline for an agreement is Monday (13th January, 2020).