Warning of Flight Disruption in Bali Region

ABTA says it is closely monitoring the activity of volcano Mount Agung on the top holiday island of Bali, which is around 71 kilometres from the nearest major tourist destination of Kuta

Mount Agung has been erupting since November 21 and local authorities have raised the state of alert to the highest level. Ash clouds have caused the airports on Bali and neighbouring Lombok to close and have resulted in disruption to flights in the region.

According to ABTA: “There will only be a relatively small number of UK holidaymakers on the island at this time of year. We advise that people on holiday in the region should monitor news reports, follow the advice from local authorities and stay outside the existing exclusion zone, which extends between 8 and 10 kms from the crater. Volcanic ash clouds could continue to cause flight disruption and may result in further airport closures in the region.

“Anyone due to travel to the region imminently should check with their travel provider or airline to establish if their holiday or flight is affected.”

Northern Ireland reporter Julian Fowler was on the air this morning revealing that he is currently stranded on Bali as the family’s onward flight to Australia has been cancelled. He said they didn’t expect to get away until the end of the week at least.