Viking has announced three new summer season expedition voyages in the Arctic

Viking® ( has announced three new summer season expedition voyages in the Arctic. Debuting in July 2025, the new itineraries, which range from 13 to 27 days, explore the polar north in Canada and Greenland, with two of the three voyages visiting the Canadian High Arctic.

The 13-day Into the Northwest Passage itinerary sails roundtrip from Nuuk, Greenland and features destinations including the pristine waters of the Ilulissat Icefjord and the eastern entrance of the famed Northwest Passage in Pond Inlet, Canada. Guests can also discover stunning natural beauty and dramatic landscapes during the 15-day Canada & Greenland Explorer itinerary, which sails between Toronto and Nuuk. Those interested in more in-depth exploration can choose a combination of the two itineraries, the new 27-day Canada & the Northwest Passage voyage.

“Our guests are curious travellers who are eager to explore new and different regions of the world, in Viking comfort,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking. “From the time of Leif Eriksson and the original Vikings, Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic have fascinated intrepid explorers. Today, there is no better way to experience this pristine area of the world than from the comfort of our purpose-built expedition ships.”

2025 Arctic Voyages:   

Viking’s new itineraries in the Arctic include:

  • NEW Into the Northwest Passage (13 days; Nuuk to Nuuk) – Discover the diverse landscapes and rugged shores of the world’s largest island. Immerse yourself in Inuit traditions as you explore towns dotted with colourful wooden houses. Head out kayaking on the fjord or partake in a Zodiac landing and witness stunning displays of nature, from towering peaks to blue-tinged glaciers. Join Viking on a fascinating voyage exploring the Canadian High Arctic to undiscovered territories beneath the skies of the midnight sun. Sailing dates are available from July through September 2025.
  • NEW Canada & Greenland Explorer (15 days; between Toronto, Ontario and Nuuk) – Explore Canada and Greenland’s rugged shores on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most fascinating corners of the world. Sail amid floating icebergs as they drift in blue-tinged waters and witness the wonders of Mother Nature as you immerse yourself in dramatic landscapes. Learn about the Inuit traditions that still thrive in remote communities and experience the stark beauty of the Arctic beneath the skies of the midnight sun. Sailing dates are available in July and September 2025.
  • NEW Canada & the Northwest Passage (27 days; between Nuuk and Toronto, Ontario) – Witness the majesty of floating icebergs and rugged lands as you embark on a journey to the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland. View towering icebergs, expansive icefields and deep-blue fjords that are rich in marine life. Get a glimpse of life in Inuit communities and learn about traditions that have sustained for generations. Bask beneath the skies of the endless midnight sun as you join us on a voyage of discovery to far-flung lands. Sailing dates are available in July and September 2025.

Viking is also offering world cruises between the Great Lakes and “the end of the world.” The Viking Octantis® will begin her epic journey from Milwaukee to Ushuaia on the 70-day Longitudinal World Cruise III in September 2023 – offering guests a variety of impressive travel milestones in a single journey from the heart of North America through engineering wonders like the Welland and Panama Canals, into the Chilean fjords and finally to Antarctica. Similarly, the Viking Polaris® will embark on the 71-day Longitudinal World Cruise II from Duluth to Ushuaia in September 2023; she will also sail the 62-day Longitudinal World Cruise IV from Milwaukee to Ushuaia in October 2024. Viking also offers a similar voyage in reverse, from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee, with the 65-day Longitudinal World Cruise I, which embarks in February 2024.

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