Vaccination Programme Hailed as ‘Chink of Light’ for Travel Industry

The accelerated vaccine rollout will 'give Government more options' on overseas holidays

The promise of an accelerated Covid-19 vaccination programme, which will see more than 80% of adults offered at least one dose by June 30th, is a “chink of light” for the travel industry.

If the government follows though with the promised vaccination programme, this could allow international travel to resume this summer, according to industry figures.

A Government spokesperson said the accelerated rollout of vaccines will “give the Government more options as the country heads into the summer months”.

“The rollout of the vaccination programme will give the Government more options as the country heads into the summer months, as long as the incidence of the disease continues to decline,” the Government spokesperson said.

Pat Dawson of the Irish Travel Agents Association said the accelerated vaccination programme was a “chink of light at the end of a very dark tunnel” but he warned against booking overseas holidays just yet.

“I would be very cautious given all that we have been through but it certainly seems brighter than it was before Christmas. I am more positive now than I was. I think the important thing is to get to April 5th and see where we are with case numbers and the vaccine rollout,” he added.