US Reportedly Offered North Korea a ‘Tourism for Nukes’ Deal

The US has banned Americans from visiting North Korea but the Trump administration has reportedly still offered to help build a tourism zone in the country

According to the Hankook Ilbo newspaper, US negotiators tried to sweeten denuclearisation talks by proposing assistance in the development of the Kalma tourist area, according to a South Korean diplomat familiar with the matter.

It is unclear how the North Koreans responded to this although talks have stalled due to the US’ ‘inflexible’ stance on conditions for denuclearisation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been trying to speed up completion of the Kalma tourist zone.

Always a man with an eye for a good real estate deal, Donald Trump had previously lauded the ‘great beaches’ and tourism potential of Kalma.

North Korea has been ramping up development there with hotels, a marina, a sports complex and aqua park.

Trump spoke in glowing terms about North Korea’s tourism potential during the Singapore summit with Kim last year, but that would only become a reality when Kim ditches the nukes.