UK Will Introduce Single Covid Test For Travellers

The UK will introduce a single Covid test, with the aim of cutting the time returning travellers must spend in quarantine

The UK will introduce a single Covid test for passengers arriving in the UK, which will slash the time they must spend in quarantine by up to half.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps made the announcement at the online ABTA Travel Convention. Mr Shapps confirmed the test would be at the expense of the individual. Tests currently cost around £135 to £175.

Under the new scheme, arrivals will now have the option of an early release from quarantine if they test negative, possibly at the end of seven days. However, if the test is positive, they’ll have to quarantine for a total of 14 days, as they must currently do.

Some have been pushing the government to introduce a two test system, with the first on arrival and the second after just five days in quarantine however Mr Shapps said the government had ruled out immediate testing on arrival, claiming scientific evidence showed this would catch only 7% of asymptomatic cases.