UK-EU Flights Could be Grounded If Deal Fails to be Reached

UK-EU flights far being grounded if both sides fail to agree to a deal before December 31 when the UK will officially leave the EU

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has revealed that the UK was yet to reach a deal with the EU that would allow flights to continue post-Brexit.

He revealed the news at ABTA’s virtual Travel Convention. on October 14.

Speaking to delegates from the Houses of Parliament, he said: “Negotiations as you know have been intensified in recent weeks, and although time’s now tight, we remain hopeful that an agreement can be achieved.

“It’s critical that flights between the UK and the EU can continue to operate as normal at the end of the transition period, regardless of the outcome of these negotiations.”

If both sides fail to reach an agreement, Mr Shapps said he hoped the EU would bring forward contingency measures to ensure flights will continue, and that the UK would reciprocate.

ABTA Chief Executive Mark Tanzer expressed concerns at the Transport Secretary’s remarks saying: “A year ago we had an agreement that rights would be in place; what Grant was suggesting was that we are waiting to see if it’s in place.”