UK Airports Set to Get Military-Grade Anti-Drone Equipment

Every major UK airports has, or soon will have, military-grade anti-drone equipment, according to the Government

On a visit to RAF Marham, defence secretary Gavin Williamson said: “I think that everyone would be expecting all airports to be having this detection, and deterrence effect also, at all commercial airports in the future.

“It is a logical thing for them to be investing in.”

He said it would ‘not be right’ to ask the RAF to respond to similar incidents in future, the BBC reports.

Gatwick said that it has spent £5m to prevent future attacks, while Heathrow also confirmed it would be buying systems to guard against drones.

Earlier this week, the police were given more powers to tackle drones. On Tuesday evening, Heathrow was closed for an hour after several reports of drone sightings.