Travel Industry is “Destitute and in Need of Urgent Government Support”

Advantage Travel have called on the government to provide urgent support for the "destitute" travel industry warning "there is a mental health crisis looming" as jobs continue to be at risk

Following the recent change in UK Government advice on travel to Italy, the Advantage Travel Partnership is urging the government to step up and provide urgent support for the “destitute” sector.

The Travel Partnership has also warned that “a mental health crisis” is on the horizon as the “significant repercussions” of the lockdown continues to impact on businesses, leaving thousands of jobs at risk.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO at Advantage Travel Partnership said: “With Italy now removed from the UK Government’s ‘safe list’ of travel corridors, and with the increase in Covid cases at home and across Europe, travel agents selling overseas travel have come to a standstill with virtually nothing left to sell.

“The lack of financial support for travel agents has created a number of business failures, close to 100,000 jobs in the UK lost or at risk and a job support scheme which adds no support to businesses like travel agents who are open but due to government imposed border restrictions have no income.

“Understandably, consumer confidence is low and we must work with the government to find a way, when appropriate to resume flights and travel for both business and leisure travel.

“With little to no revenue being generated since March there has been significant repercussions on businesses and jobs at risk, meaning there is a mental health crisis looming, which has been demonstrated through our recent case studies.

“This leaves an industry destitute and in need of urgent government support to ensure it can survive the pandemic and ensure Britain is back to being connected as a global nation.”